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Some More Ideas for a Successful Court Hearing

Published 08/21/20 –

Here are some more ideas for a successful court hearing.

  1. Plan in advance how you will communicate with your client during the hearing. If you won’t be in the same physical setting, how will share critical information? Will you use text? A messaging app? Email? Whatever you choose, make sure you’ve tested these features out in advance.
  2. Have a second device available and connected to the internet. You could be ready to go and your computer suddenly “decides” to restart.
  3. Make sure your phone is charged and next to you so you can call it if you suddenly lose your internet connection or have some other technical challenge.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the location of the buttons to mute yourself or turn your video camera on or off.
  5. Be prepared – either on your own or with the support of your staff – to send an order immediately following the hearing. The court may want signed orders submitted via fax, email, or courier, usually by the end of the day. You need to have the right tools available to deliver what’s expected.